Project update

Well, after quite a long period of inactivity the project seems to be alive again!

Recent updates:

  • The Button class (org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Button) has been completely implemented, excluding text/image alignment support in buttons (not sure this is really necessary).
  • Keyboard handling has been done.
  • Focus traversal and mnemonics are now working as well.

I sincerely hope that I will be able to update the project regularly.

Project update

Font support is fully implemented. This means that the class is completely done and all "low level" SWT functionality is now available (i.e., graphic primitives, colors, images and fonts), which is definitely more than 2/3 of the whole work. I guess that's good news <)

However, it seems that we will not get through in a month with all the other stuff (widgets). So, the project finish date will be moved again -- we hope not so far.

Project update

A huge update: imaging support (the Image class and image drawing methods of the GC class) has been fully implemented, including scaling, transparency and alpha blending -- it took a while to pass over different "features" of the ancient OS/2 GPI. 256-color display modes are supported as well (with some limitations).

Due to time problems (as we are currently busy with other projects) the planned date of the first release has been moved to the end of March, 2004.

Project Update

What's new in SWT:

  • implemented polylines and polygons, line styles and width
  • implemented regions and clipping operations
  • widget sizing/positioning is improved, added support for SWT.Size/Move/Iconify/Deiconify events
  • implemented basic Button functionality (currently only push/radio/check buttons without images and alignment) including SWT.Selection event
  • implemented layout management -- all existing layouts should now work
  • other minor enhancements

Project Update

SWT: the color support has been done, including the palette management in 256-color modes. Besides this, the following functionality is currently implemented in SWT:

  • Event queue creation and processing
  • Top and secondary shell creation (including trim control) and destroyment, sizing/positioning, minimizing/maximizing
  • Paint event handling, including SWT.Paint event processing and PaintListener functionality
  • Basic drawing capabilities (lines, rectangles, arcs, ovals)

Also, a couple of screenshots has been added to show visually what's aleady done. The code producing them is, of course, written entirely in Java using only the SWT library and doesn't exceed two hundred lines of the formatted text.

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