Project: Eclipse for OS/2

Eclipse for OS/2 is a transitional project on porting the Eclipse platform (, an open extensible Java IDE, to the OS/2 operating system. The project has the "transitional" status because we are planning to join the main stream of the Eclipse development when we complete the greater part of this work and get a functioning OS/2 version.

Eclipse platform consists of several parts (components), each of them implements one of the basic aspects of functionality. The most significant part (from the porting point of view) is the Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT) component, an alternative UI library that is used as a GUI base for all other components of Eclipse, including the Eclipse JDT (Java Development Tooling, an Eclipse IDE). The main goal of SWT is its "nativeness", as opposed to the standard Java 2 Swing library. This means that it is based on the mechanism of the host platform's windowing system, directly using its API from the native Java methods, and there's no any additional abstraction layer between the SWT and the native API.

As a base for our work we decided to take the release 2.0.1 of Eclipse SDK as the most recent release to the day we started (November, 2002) and we hope to get a working version of this release in early 2005.

Contacts: Dmitry A. Kuminov (please don't forget to remove the anti-spam slogan from the address, including the preceeding dot).

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